Another Day, Another Idea

Well, I've been thinking about adding an in-dash dvd drive. I'm going to go with the Panasonic Slimline Slot Loading Combo Drive CW-8123-B. Its a laptop drive but with a Converter you can use it with your desktop.

I'm still kind of dinking around with some ideas about the case. I'm debating about either putting it in my glovebox, center console or just getting a case and putting it in my trunk. I don't really wanna go through all the trouble of building a case and all the install crap so I'll probably go with the trunk install with one of these cases.

I'm then gonna need a Car Power Sequencer and Dropout Regulator ITPS so that that turning my car on and off won't destroy my computer.


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Decisions, Decisions

Well, with the help from the guys in the forums over at MP3Car.com I've decided to go with;
Monitor: 8" Lilliput from Extreme Audio Electronics Ltd
Carputer: Homebuilt
Software: Media-Car or Frodoplayer
GPS: (unsure)

Now Which Monitor?

I've been doing a little research and I decided to go with a Liliput. My only debate is weither to get an 8" or 7". Does it really matter?

An Idea